Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy First Day Of School {printable}

I found this adorable Happy First Day of School printable (from The Sweetest Occasion blog) on Pinterest. The timing might be a little late depending on when you little return to school, if it is then save this cutie for next year!

Pinterest is my latest obsession - so many lovely inspirations and information!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Christmas Goodnight

Take a break from the August heat and Back-To-School lists to snag a copy of A Christmas Goodnight.  This magical book will be released at the end of September but with limited quantities so be sure to pre-order yours today.  It’s a steal of a price to pre-order online - as I type this lovely book is priced at under $8 at Amazon!

The illustrator is the wonderfully talented Sarah Jane Wright of Sarah Jane Studios

I can't wait for our copy to arrive next month!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

momAgenda - sprial planners at Staples

I've been using a momAgenda desktop planner for years now (see my post last year around this time)! I love my momAgenda desktop but each year money seems to get tighter and tighter and I struggle with the product price ($43) and shipping costs. Last year I was able to use a free shipping code but this year they are not offering free shipping for Back to School and wanted to charge me $8.95 shipping - ouch!

I decided to go with the 'new' spiral momAgenda ($24) because its cheaper and has the same functionality that I love in the desktop {but it doesn't have the fun color cover - boo!}. I went as far as I could to cut my cost by emailing the customer service rep and got a special shipping quote of just over $5. But before I ordered I was paging through the momAgenda FB page and noticed an older post about Staples carrying their products. I promptly went to and discovered the wall calendar was almost half the cost at Staples! But they didn't list the spirals online .... so I stopped into a local Staples today and scored a spiral momAgenda for $19.99 - $10 less than I would have paid through the customer service rep and over $30 less than I would have paid if I purchased the desktop!

I saved money and I still have all of the functionality that I need to keep myself organized for the next year - YAY!! I'm off to write down all of our August and September events in my crisp new planner!