Sunday, December 27, 2009

care to share?

I hope all of my readers had a very nice Christmas season! This is a special time of year, and I wish nothing but the best for you and your families.

What were some of your favorite gifts, either to give or get?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Sorry for the lack of posting at Penguin's Gift. Life has gotten in the way. I've been overwhelmed with everyday things and Christmas preparations.

I promise to be back in full swing in the new year. And I'm hoping to bring a new look to Penguin's Gift as well!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Amaryllis bulbs at Target

Target has these Smith and Hawkins bulb kits for just $7 this week (regularly $10). They have a good selection of pot colors to fit many decors (red, white, black, silver). This would be a great little gift for so many - teachers, coworkers, neighbors, babysitters.
Amaryllis are very hearty and grow easily. Place where the bulb will get a fair amount of light and water as directed. Easy, and a big, beautiful flowering gift!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Wine Wraps

A set of wine tags caught my eye a few weeks ago. I thought it would be a great way to personalize a bottle of wine for gift giving this holiday. But the price didn't make me happy.

I know, there are tons of wine bags out there now but they just aren't practical in my mind. Yes, fabric wine bags are super cute. But I lose them in my wrapping box of paper and often forget I even have some to 're-gift'.

Then I saw these from Garnet Hill - self adhesive wine wraps that you can personalize and a little gift tag to match. $15 for a set of 12, plus $4.95 shipping, making each set just $1.67 each. That is a price that makes me happy!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Check out my guest blog here at Sara the Savvy Shopper.

Be sure to frequent Sara's blog for amazing deals and couponing. I ♥ her weekly Target sale updates.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mini Stockings

I was searching for small stockings this year. Basically what I found were just two sizes, regular and ornament. I wanted something bigger than an ornament but much smaller than the typical stockings.
Then I found these mini stockings at Meghan Designs' etsy shop. ♥ They are the size I was looking for, and totally adorable! I was so excited when I received my order I had to give them to my parents right away. There was no waiting until Christmas for these cuties.
At $6 each they would be a great final touch to many Christmas gifts.
Check out Meghan Designs' other Holiday items also!

Monday, December 7, 2009

request from T

Engagement gifts were requested by T ... and I've been struggling with ideas. Here is what I have to share:
  • Photo session. I happen to know that T is an excellent photographer. Offer to snap a few shots for the couple. Something that reflects their personalities in a setting they are comfortable. Edit and frame one, or two!
  • This personalized love print from HopeInk's etys shop for $40 (they are offering a free second print of your choice with the code 'merry christmas'). The print being 12" square gives it a funky feel. Someone recently told me they had great luck finding 12*12 frames at Ikea.
  • Silver plated wine stoppers engraved with his last initial from Red Envelope here for $30.
  • A Vermont Wish Bowl here (scroll down to the smaller sizes at the bottom).
  • Personalized folded note cards with the groom- and bride-to-be's first names (for all the shower & wedding thank-yous). I try to stay away from flowers and hearts, so how about this set of apples and pears from (remember there is a 40% off code).
  • The Bride's Book of Lists found here at Amazon. And a nice bottle of wine, or two!

request from J

J requested gift ideas for her mother also ... here goes:
  • Flamenco felt scarves here from Felt Inspired's Etsy shop. Pricey at $69 but they look stunning! (credit to a FB friend Christy for sharing this etsy site on her page)
  • Hearthside slippers from LLBean here for $35. I think the cornflower blue with lime green trim is super fun!
  • 'We believe in Santa Claus' sign here from BlueEyedGirl's Etsy shop for $26.
  • Linen tote with vintage lace here from A Green Elephant's Etsy shop for $20.
  • Nantucket Open-House Cookbook here from Amazon for under$11.
  • Pom Pom Earrings in Peruvian Rhodocrosite here from Catie'sBlue Etsy shop for $36.
  • Irish coffee mugs with snowflakes here from daydreemdesign's Etsy shop for $$28.50.
  • Leather key chain in orange here from Lands End for $15.

Canvas and patent leather tote

Get this super fun bag from Lands End for only $15, down from $50. I'm thinking this would be a great gift with a little notepad inside - perfect for teachers! Available in berry, black and orange.
Really, someone please buy this! I need to live vicariously through you ...
With a little search you're sure to find a promotion code for free shipping!

request from V

V asked for gift ideas for her mother. Here goes ...

~A reading log/journal to keep track of the books she is reading or wants to read, when books are due back to the library, and thoughts on things she has read. This is a beautiful red, and compact, journal for $8 from Amazon here.

~Nothing like cozy pajamas with fleece bottoms and a comfy t-shirt like top to get us through the cold winter. From Target for $22 here.

~Personalized list memo pad (or regular memo pad) from I like this design. Set of two for $25 less 40% (and free shipping) with promotion code holiday09.

~Solid FeelGood scarf from Lands End in warm violet ;) here for under $30.

~For the love of pineapples! (all from etsy)

  1. Pineapple earrings here for $10.
  2. Pineapple inspired bookmark here for $8
  3. Printed pineapple hand towels here for $18
  4. Reusable oilcloth sandwich/snack bags in pink pineapple trio here for $10
  5. The cutest pineapple necklace here for $10

~Body soap in a yummy, yummy flavor from Verbena Custom Blends etsy shop here ($12).

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Trees

During our reception one of our guests whispered in my ear "We don't have your gift yet, I want to get you guys something I wish someone would have given to us but I can't buy it yet."
A few weeks later we received the gift (we were married in early October) from this couple. I was so curious about what it could be --- Christmas tree decorations! A sweet note inside told the story of how this couple wanted us to have a beautifully decorated tree for our first Christmas together.
I'm sharing this story with you because I don't want you to overlook the people on your gift list that might be in need of some Christmas decorations themselves. Not just the newly married couple like we were but others like the college graduate in their first apartment or the dorm room kids.
A friend shared the link to A Green Elephant's etsy shop and these adorable fabric trees. I fell in love with them. They are a great Christmas decoration for so many reasons, not just because they are super cute! Storing these will be a breeze and they will move well also. Theses cute Christmas trees are versatile too because you can display them just about anywhere in your house - mantle, table, cabinet, self, etc.
Place these trees in just about any room to add a little Christmas cheer - guest room, small hallway table, bathroom, kids room, nursery (but keep them out of reach of the little ones!).
You can find A Green Elephant's set of three Christmas trees here for $15 (plus shipping).

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

daily thought from Real Simple

Every gift which is given, even though it be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection.”


from here. ♥

My Very Own House

My parents gave a cardboard house (similar to the one pictured above) to my children for Halloween. The house has become an instant hit!
It seems crazy to *buy* a big cardboard box. That is exactly what my husband thought when he saw the gift. But my children have enjoyed this box so, so much. Not just because they can color and draw on it to make it their own. But because its a great house to play inside. Also a great idea as we enter the winter months when we'll be spending lots of time inside playing.
The best part for me is that when we are done with this toy the entire thing can be recycled. Guilt free disposal of a toy that is past its prime is awesome!
Find it here at for $19.99. Be sure to check out the free shipping deals offered by Target during the holidays.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I gave this book to my mother the Christmas before I had my second daughter. GrandLoving has so many fun ideas and things to do with children that it really shouldn't be limited to grandparents! This book includes ideas to do even when you are separated from your grandchild by hundreds of miles.

Whether its their first grandchild or sixth (as with my parents) this book will offer a grandparent lots of new ideas on how to make lasting memories with the little people in their lives.

Find GrandLoving here at Amazon for under $15.

Melissa & Doug giveaway at Pumpkin Petunia's blog

Head over to PumpkinPetunia's blog and enter to win a wonderful Melissa & Doug giveaway.

Four, yes FOUR, Melissa & Doug craft kits perfect for gift giving!