Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Very Own House

My parents gave a cardboard house (similar to the one pictured above) to my children for Halloween. The house has become an instant hit!
It seems crazy to *buy* a big cardboard box. That is exactly what my husband thought when he saw the gift. But my children have enjoyed this box so, so much. Not just because they can color and draw on it to make it their own. But because its a great house to play inside. Also a great idea as we enter the winter months when we'll be spending lots of time inside playing.
The best part for me is that when we are done with this toy the entire thing can be recycled. Guilt free disposal of a toy that is past its prime is awesome!
Find it here at for $19.99. Be sure to check out the free shipping deals offered by Target during the holidays.

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Sara said...

I love this!!!! Perfect for cold days.