Penguin's Gift is a gift blog where I share links to fun, creative, and affordable products.  Gift giving can be overwhelming to some, often little time and/or little money add stress to finding a great gift.  I hope that this blog will be a resource for many readers when an invitation arrives in their mailbox.  And for the many birthdays and holidays throughout the year!  I also hope this blog will be a happy home to the people, who like me, love browsing and collecting ideas for great gifts.

All content is written by me, Kathryn.  I am a SAHM of two girls and an accountant in my former life (meaning- before children ;) ).  One day soon I'll return to the working world but for now I enjoy creating a loving and fun homelife for my family.  I love reading blogs, browsing Etsy, and sharing my favorite gift ideas at Penguin's Gift.

You can read my very first post here.