Monday, April 19, 2010

First Communion gift ideas

It seems like every April a First Communion invitation arrives in our mailbox. We are currently in the stretch of my husband's nephews and niece, before that it was my nephews and niece (yes, we still divide them by 'yours' and 'mine' - all but one were born before we were married), and before them it was extended family. It is hard to believe that in a few years it will be me sending out the invitations for my older daughter.

Here is my list of gift ideas for First Communions.

Boys and Girls:


karen said...

Hello Kathryn! What a wonderful blog idea you've come up with! I just went through some past entries and am excited to give some of these as gifts!

Thanks also for the comments. You made me smile a little brighter this morning!

Chris said...

We're approaching Mothers Day already (was it really 4 months since Christmas) It's present time again for the women we love. I've created a little tradition in my house, every Mothers Day I buy my wife a new pair of earrings. This year she's already picked out a cute pair of silver earrings which is great, they're unique, stunning and not too expensive!

Lynn Rader said...

Kathryn - Thank you for the great ideas for First Communion Gifts. The invitations are already on my refrigerator so it's time to start shopping.