Thursday, May 20, 2010

party preparations

Planning parties is one of my favorite things!  Along with shopping for gifts :).

I am in the home stretch for my daughter's birthday party this weekend.  Please let the sun-gods smile on us!  Today I'll be busy cutting/sticking/stringing some great custom printables from Jo-Ann at Pumpkin Petunia.

I hope to take super-fantastic pictures of the party and post them later next week (if you were my husband you would be laughing with tears in your eyes - I am a horrible photographer but I'll try my best, promise!).  Until then I'll share some of my favorite party things.

For party inspirations I love visiting these blogs:

For party stuff I love these sites:
  • Whisker Graphics - I can't get enough of the Divine Twine!  I have Green Apple and Orange.  There are so many uses for it, from gift wrapping to paper crafts to party accents.  I'm using the  Orange for my daughter's party.  Be sure to check out the Divine Twine Flicker Group for lots of twine inspiration.
  • Living Locurto - Amazing DIY party packs, you buy then personalize the printables!  Legos, Mermaids, On The Farm, Fairy Princess, and more to come.  Be sure to check out her blog for great FREE printables.
  • Garnish - Oh, how I love this shop!  They provide the basic party supplies and you embellish them to fit your party.  I'm using the simple white cups and red paper straws for our party (CUTE!).  And I couldn't resist the wooden utensils for picnics this summer.  So, so many fun things to discover on the blog.

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