Monday, September 13, 2010

PickleFace Place Ties

The Groovy Collection
*Finally* some cute stuff for the boys!  I feature more cute girl stuff here and that is because 1) I have two girls! so my eye goes to girl things more often and 2) There isn't as much cute boy things around.  That is until I found PickleFace Place on Etsy.

The Independence Collection
The first thing I need to tell you about the ties from PickleFace Place is they are WASHABLE!  Because we know that even when little guys are looking their best they can be messy. 

The Tangerine Dream Collection
The ties come in five different sizes from The Newbie (up to 6 months) to The Perfect Gent (6 - 8 years).  They feature a matching strap so the ties look even more 'real', and a Velcro closure for easy on/off.

The more you buy, the more your save! One tie is priced at $15, two ties for $25, three ties for $35, and four ties for $40 (plus shipping).  Another bonus - you can mix ties form every Collection!  Just let PickleFace Place know in your 'message to seller' during checkout.

Okay, go to PickleFace Place and enjoy some cute little guy shopping!  These ties are so fun and stylish!!


Misia Pepa Adventures said...

Oh my those are adorable!!!!!
Thanks Kat I just bookmarked the site.

Monica said...

I love these...they are fantastic...I am headed over the site...School pictures are coming up!
Thanks for stopping by Organzied Chaos!! for BUZZ BY was great to meat you!