Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rosette Ribbon Bookmarks

I was lucky enough to sit in on my daughter's first day of kindergarten.  It was special to watch the teacher introduce herself to the children, knowing it was the beginning of a great school year and a great student-teacher relationship for my daughter.  As the teacher began to read The Kissing Hand to the class she paused a moment to ask the children if they had been busy reading over the summer.  She mentioned that she read about ten books over the summer.  She said she is busy reading childrens' books during the school year but she likes to read as many of her favorite books as she can during the summer. 

I heard BINGO! in my head, this lovely new teacher just gave us the perfect gift idea for a end-of-year present -- a gift card to one of the big book stores like Barnes & Noble.  But sometimes a gift card doesn't seem personal enough (keep in mind, I'm a big BIG fan of giving and receiving gift cards). 

I think a bookmark would make a lovely, personal addition to the gift.  Just a few weeks later I came across Belle Rose Designs on Etsy and their Rosette Ribbon Bookmarks.  They are beautiful, and priced perfectly to compliment a book store gift card at just $5 (with free shipping!)! 

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