Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Birthday Recap {Anna is 6}

As promised here is a little recap of my daughter's sixth birthday party!!

This is the sample invitation from Chickabug {I love Chickabug and all of Heather's party creations - you'll see more below}.  For the second year running there wasn't a party theme so my daughter picked two colors from Chickabug's Design It Yourself (DIY) color chart {plum and rose} and Heather created this fun invitation. 

A cute birthday banner to get the party started {from Chickabug}!

Since there wasn't a theme I decided color coordinated drinks were a must! ;)
Pink lemonade and grape kool-aide with polka dot straws from Hey YoYo on Etsy.

The girls snacked on alphabet pretzels in these adorable cups {another great find from Hey YoYo}

Party planning starts early in our house - like months and months before birthdays.  We talk about what kind of party they would like to have that year and what will fit in the budget.  Just after Christmas I was suggesting different kinds of spring parties and one of the ideas was a pottery painting party.  She *loved* the idea but waited a few more months until the decision was a definite and I contacted Kathy Fick Designs

Kathy is so sweet and great to work with - the girls enjoyed painting their cupcake plate and Kathy was very helpful and patient.  If you are in the Baltimore area I highly recommend Kathy Fick Designs for pottery and fused glass parties (its not just for the kids - Kathy does parties for all ages.  Girls Night In anyone??!??)

Yummy cupcakes {toppers from Chickabug}! 
I had matching purple and pink candles but they melted in the sun.  No worries, I was thankful to have a beautiful day to host an outside party so sacrificing coordinating candles was well worth it!

We ended the party with favors, of course {tags from Chickabug}.  Want to know whats inside the bag?  The birthday girl was very specific with the favors ... lip gloss, fun fashion rings, pony tail holders, three lolli pops and six Reese's peanut butter cups!!

Party Credits:
~Invitations, banner, cupcake toppers, and favor tags from Chickabug on Etsy's DIY collection in Polka Dots {also check out the Chickabug blog!!}
~Polka dot paper straws and polka dot baking/nut cups from Hey YoYo on Etsy
~Pottery and all the supplies from Kathy Fick Designs

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