Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Modern Typography Birth Print

Over the weekend I cuddled with a 5 week old baby {swoon}!  He was adorable with his little newborn quirks and squeaks.  I got to hear all about his first photoshoot with all the fun props the photographer brought along.  It brought back so many memories of when my daughters were itty bitties.  And the best part - after I gave him back to his lovely parents I went to bed and slept all night! ;)

I stumbled onto this Modern Typography Birth Print from Mosie Posies on Etsy.  I love the modern, simple styling and color combinations.  I can see this in many of the nurseries floating around on Pinterest! 

The print is available in 8x10 for $19 ($3.50), or 11x13 with a convo to the shoppe Mosie Posies, in the color palette of your choice. 

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