Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family Trees

We all seem to have one or two people on our gift lists that are difficult when it comes to finding the right gift.  Often these are our grandparents or parents!  When I saw the beautiful Family Tress offered by LoviDay on Etsy I knew they would make a great gift for these members of the family!  Your Family Tree is an illustration of the amazing family they have helped create and what a wonderful gift for them to display in their home.

The names of the family members are randomly placed on leaves of the tree - love this!

Are you more of a DIYer?  LoviDay offers a Family Fingerprint Tree that includes a printed 'bare' 11" x 14" poster and 2 ink pads (1 light and 1 dark green) for you to create your own custom tree.  This would be a fun family activity on Thanksgiving or any of the upcoming family gatherings!

Looking for something for your little family?  LoviDay also offers a Whimsical Family Tree that has the parents names at the bottom and their children's names beautifully illustrated n the leaves of the tree.
LoviDay also has a wonderful selection of Guest Book Alternatives for weddings, baby showers, etc.

Total processing and delivery is typically 2-3 weeks, so keep this in mind when ordering for the holidays!

Free shipping for the holidays!! Use coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS.

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