Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lampwork Bead

So I've shared with you my lack of designer handbag knowledge before. I have something else to admit to ... not catching the Pandora bracelet train (gasp!). My sister and lots of my friends have Pandora bracelets, and a few have a necklace or a second bracelet. I have so much fun looking at each charm and hearing the story of how she got it or why its meaningful to her.
I purchased a beautiful opal and brown lampwork bead from BrendanBlakeGlassArt for my sister as a birthday present. She loves it. Another great gift giving sucess!
To see more of the Pandora and Troll-like beads from BrendanBlakeGlassArt go here. The beautiful beads are all under $18 (plus shipping) and add lovely color to any collector's bracelet or necklace.

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