Friday, June 25, 2010

Letter Banner

I have been obsessed with banners lately.  Remember my daughter's birthday banners?  Well they are now hanging in her room (and her sister's birthday banner from January is still in her room!).  Currently hanging over our fireplace is a beach ball banner spelling SUMMER! from Pumpkin Petunia

A few weeks ago I saw the Letter Banners made by Karina, Ink featured as a giveaway by mary elizabeth and fell in love.  Each letter is hand cut from beautiful coordinating cardstock and strung with ribbon or twine or raffia.  I think having a name (first or last) or an important/inspirational word banner would be so fun!  Great gift idea for the family that has it all.  Or to welcome a new baby.  Or a funky graduation gift.

Fortunately for all of us Karina, Ink has re-opened her Etsy shop and is now selling these beautiful letter banners.  Just $2.50 per letter with $4 shipping.

Disclaimer:  I featured these Letter Banners for a chance to win one myself.  Although I've wanted to featured them anyway after seeing them on the giveaway in May because I really do love them ... and I have thought about giving one to a new little bundle of happiness and now I can since the Etsy shop is open!

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Jennifer said...

OOOoooohhhh! I love the letter banner! My summer banner is hanging in my kitchen and makes me smile whenever I see it!