Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stella & Dot {for little girls}

Last fall I was introduced to the fresh, new jewelry of Stella & Dot.  After clicking through a couple of items I was hooked on this fabulous line of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.  I love that Stella & Dot offers affordable and stylish jewelry that ranges from bold to understated, and can be easily worn everyday even by a SAHM like me.

I am the happy owner of many Stella & Dot pieces and I was fortunate enough to get these little gems in the mail recently:

And of course my two daughters enjoy looking through my jewelry and 'helping' me choose what to wear each day.  Lucky for them Stella & Dot now has a line for little girls!  I am eying the two bracelets pictured above (Kristin Pearl and Little Dottie) and maybe the Mini Soiree in coral.  Once I decide I'm ordering a few extra for gifts (I'm thinking of all those classmate birthday parties that are sure to fill my fall calendar!).  At just $14 each they make a wonderful gift for a little girl - beautiful and sturdy enough to wear everyday (although they shouldn't be worn on the playgrounds or during art projects ;) ) and much nicer to compliment their outfits then dress-up jewelry.

Stella & Dot is sold through very knowledgeable stylists like my good friend Jo-Ann.  Visit her site and be struck by the beauty and affordability and the style of Stella & Dot!

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