Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Melissa and Doug Sand Cupcake Set

A month or so ago I was shopping with friends and saw the Melissa and Doug Sand Cupcake Set.  I thought my girls would love it - sand and cupcake making sound like a perfect beach match.  But for some crazy reason I did not buy it.  And I've regretted that decision many times. 

Amazon came to my rescue!  It was delivered last week!  My girls have clocked hours playing with the cupcake set yet it hasn't touched a grain of sand!  Once we get it onto the beach I am sure they will have LOTS of cupcake making fun.

For around $14 this is a great gift idea.  I wish I had ordered more from Amazon (and ordered few weeks ago) so that we could have given these to a few of the birthday girls parties on our May/June calendar.

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Genius! Off to order a set now.