Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Tree

This Family Tree from Naturally Meg's Etsy shop is one of many brilliant handmade creations on Etsy.  But who would have thought of putting together these elements.  Certainly not creatively-challenged me!

Fabric + cardstock + hand stitching =
a gorgeous piece of artwork to celebrate your family

The fabric tree is sewn onto 8x10 textured cardstock then the initials of parents and children are stitched onto the tree with a "carved tree" look.  You can request a removable mount so that additional initials can be added in the future.  Also, how about requesting hand stitching of two names.  Wouldn't a 'Jack + Diane' look so cute!  Great gift for an anniversary.

Be sure to check out her shop!  Naturally Meg offers these beautiful trees in a few different styles:  Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring and other fun patterns like dots, blossoms, and ones with a bird nest.  Priced at just $25 (plus $3.50 shipping).

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