Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reader Feedback {giveaway} Winner

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback here on the blog, in person, or privately. 
Muchas gracious!

I plugged the numbers into and the winner is comment #2
Lizzy is also 'likes' Penguin's Gift on Facebook so she'll get a $10 gift card of her choice (Target, Starbucks, or Amazon).
I'll be emailing you to award your pirze very soon ...

Check back on Monday for another Giveaway! (crazy, I know!)


Lizzy said...

Oh, how exciting!!! Thanks so much!!!

karen★ said...

Hello Kathryn,

I am getting the rest of my banners out this week, & I just realized that I still don't know what you want yours to say! When you get a chance will you please let me know. After all, yours was one of the best posts & I want to make sure you get your banner!



Viv said...

Man off by 1 :)