Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

My oldest daughter is sure to lose her first tooth sooner then I am ready to acknowledge she is growing up.  Lucky for me she still has all of her baby teeth.  Though I have to admit they are starting to look a little small for her smile.  But I'm fine with it as long as she gets to stay my little girl a while longer ...

The Tooth Fairy hasn't had a reason to visit our home just yet but I need to be prepared for the big event.  Once school starts I am hitting the bank for some golden dollar coins for the first tooth.  But I still need to find the right pillow.  One that fits her personality.  One that will be a lasting childhood memory. 

Here are some of my favorites from Etsy:

Tooth Fairy Pillow Clip
$3.50 (plus $2 shipping)

Shabby Chic White Linen Tooth Fairy Pillow
$10 (plus $2.75 shipping)

Hawaiian Print Airplane Tooth Pillow
$10 (plus $2.75 shipping)

Tooth Fairy Box
$4 each (plus 2.50 shipping)

Tooth Fairy Pillow
$12 (plus $3 shipping)

Tooth Fairy Pillow Fish
from kmkc78
$5 (plus $2 shipping)

Little Tooth Fairy Pillow
$12 (plus $3 shipping)

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