Thursday, January 7, 2010

70% off clearance at

Yesterday I received probably my third email advertising an additional 70% off clearance items at The offer seemed too good to be true, but yesterday I decided to check out what they have on clearance.

OMgosh, get yourself over there NOW! Use code MADNESS after you place your first clearance item in your bag. I also used code HOLIDAY to be sure I got free shipping! Last time I checked there were 24 pages of clearance items, but they are not sorted in any way. So grab a glass of water and get comfy because you might be bargain shopping for a good chunk of time! Kinda like shopping at those discount retail stores where you have to sort through a rack of clothes to find an amazing sweater.

Keep in mind your upcoming birthdays as well as Spring gifts (Easter) and even teacher gifts for end of school gifts. There are lots of fun Christmas items as well. You can stock up now for Christmas 2010 gifts. And maybe get a thing or two for you ;).

Here are some of my favorites:

~These folded note cards just $5.46 for 25.

~Very 'spring' folded notes here just $5.46 for 25.

~Two small note pads, like these are $5.46 for both.

~These address labels are just $2.94 for 144!

~PinkDots flat notes, 25 for $5.46.


~Square labels like these, 80 for $3.78, would be perfect for labeling gifts (A Gift from The Smith Family), or labeling baked goods as well.

~Address labels here are just $2.94 for 120!

~Beautiful Nativity folded note cards here, $5.46 for 25.

~PinkForest flat note cards are $5.46 for 25.


Suzy said...

Wow, thanks! I just did a lot of Christmas 2010 shopping.

Colleen said...
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Colleen said...

Awesome sale!! Thanks so much - just got lots of birthday gifts for the upcoming months...and a couple for myself, too:)