Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Turtle Pot Holder

We are in the middle of 'refreshing' our outdated kitchen. The big remodel won't be for a loong time so we are doing the best we can with our 1968 kitchen. All the effort will be worth it because the kitchen is truly the heart of our home.

I spend so much time in the kitchen, like so many other women! Why not have something fun and useful to enjoy? Like this Turtle Pot Holder! It certainly would make pulling those chicken nuggets out of the oven a little more glamorous ;).

This would be a fun, and practical, gift for so many ranging from 'living on their own for the first time' to 'I use the same boring kitchen stuff that I bought x years ago'. And this cute turtle is sure to bring a smile every time its used.

Find the Turtle Pot Holder ($13 plus shipping) and many other fun kitchen towels at BeanPickelSprout's etsy shop here.

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