Monday, January 31, 2011

Heart Felt Wreath

{my heart wreath}

With all of the great Valentine ideas shared last week I was inspired to be creative and help celebrate the upcoming holiday. 

I saw the Heart Felt Wreath from The Idea Room last year but the planets didn't align for me to make it then.  I was able to gather the materials this year - red fabric I scored from a friend's stash, a heart shaped wreath and straight pins from JoAnn Fabric a few weeks ago.  We had a few snow days recently and I found myself with time inside and empty hands.  My daughters had fun helping me make this wreath and I know we'll relive that memory each year when we pull the beautiful wreath out of the Valentine box.

I love, love, love my heart wreath!!

I kept thinking if I had another heart shaped wreath I'd make one to give to someone. Share the love this Valentine's Day. 


KatieMc said...

Love this! Wish I had picked up the supplies to do this today.

Tina said...

Wish I had talent to make something like this. I love it!