Monday, January 17, 2011

MEpad from LobotoME

Ah, the start of a new year!  Turning the calendar means there is a chance to make things better and brighter in your life.  Lots of people, me included, use the new year to motivate ourselves to become more organized.  In the first two weeks of 2011 I've been busy organizing little areas of our house - the craft bins, the hat/scarf/glove basket, my computer area, etc.  But before I start these little organizing projects I find myself making lists of what I want to do.

I love to write things down.  Even in this age of electronic gadgets that can remind us in an instant of a task I find myself still writing down my to-do list.  And I love having my to-do list on fun, funky, and sometimes inspiring paper.  That is how I discovered MEpad.

MEpad is a cute note pad from LobotoME designed to look just like the screen of an iPad.  I laughed when I read the description: Who needs an iPad when you can have a MEpad. It's always connected, battery never runs out, and all you need is a lead stylus to use it.

The MEpad is a generous 5.5 x 8.5 note pad including 50 sheets and printed on white recycled paper.  Priced at $9.95.  Quantity discounts available when you purchase 3 ($26.95), 5 ($39.95), or 10 ($69.95) MEpads.

This note pad would make a great gift idea for someone who is wishing for an iPad.  Also a great gift for anyone who loves to jot down their lists to keep organized.

Check out LobotoME for the MEpad and lots of other fun note pads!

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thanks for the MEpad luv kathryn! J :)