Monday, January 3, 2011

Everyday Mugs {from Crate and Barrel}

I want new crisp white mugs.  There I said it, and I feel a little better now. ;)

I realized during Christmas brunch that we have a hodge-podge of mugs and I'm ready to enter the grown-up world of having nice matching mugs for my guests.  I'm eying these Everyday Mugs by Crate and Barrel ($2.95 each).  They are not so big my kids can't enjoy a reasonably sized cup of hot chocolate on cold, snowy days.  And not too small like the mugs that came with our dishes (Pfaltzgraff dishes I bought in college, I can't believe we haven't needed to upgrade yet!).

I am not the only one wanting new, matching mugs!  Pair 2 (or 4 or 6 or 8) of these mugs with a yummy hot chocolate mix, or an assortment of teas, or their favorite coffee and you have a wonderful winter gift.

ETA:  My wonderful sister gave me a set of eight of these Everyday Mugs as a thank-you gift.  I love them!  We've used them for hot chocolate and coffee.  Big, big thanks again!!

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