Tuesday, December 28, 2010

care to share?

What were some of your favorite gifts, either to give or get?

My favorite gift received was our Family Rules sign from Barn Owl Primitives.  My older daughter loves reading it and she has referred to one or more rules in the last three days.  (go to their Facebook page and enter to win a Keep Calm and Carry On sign)

My favorite gift to give was the Dream Teach Inspire necklace from The Rusted Chain that my daughter's class gave to her teacher.  She was so touched that I almost cried right along with her.


amyj said...

My favorite gift was my new Keurig coffee maker! My favorie gift to give was...the Keurig coffee maker I gave to my sister and her husband! Of course I loved giving all of the kids gifts. Also, I made your eggnog pound cake and it was delicious! Thanks for sharing :)

krobertsonnotar said...

My favorite gift was an original piece of artwork created especially for me by an artist friend in Detroit. My mother-in-law worked with her to create it. So not only was it a gift from my mother-in-law it was a gift from my friend as well. A truly blessed treasure!

Crafty P said...

love that sign, is that the one YOU have? I was showing them to my husband and might purchase one soon!

Kathryn said...

Crafty P - I have the Version V Family Rules sign in black/stone, here: