Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Felt Holly Corsage

Handmade gifts are often the most treasured.  This year I'm making these Felt Holly Corsages from Martha, first seen by me at Pumpkin Petunia last year.

I mus disclose that I am not a crafter.  I like to think I am.  Then when I sit down to make something it never, ever turns out how I've pictured in my mind.  But these corsages were different.  They turned out beautiful and can't wait to give them to a few special people this holiday.

Here are my tips and tricks:

~I purchased two dark green felt sheets (9" by 12"), gold bells, 5/8" cream grosgrain ribbon, and 1" pin backs (in the jewelry making section of my store) at a chain craft store.  I was able to get eight corsages from the two felt sheets.

~Ours look like the first corsage in the second row in the picture above. I used the template from the Martha link above, copied it at 125% with my printer and used only the middle template - one double holly leaf per corsage.

~Don't skip the ironing/creasing step. Not only does it make cutting the doubled felt easier but it adds dimension to the finished holly leaf.

~I found it impossible to follow the curved lines of the template.  I traced the template onto the felt but I made my holly leaves with sharp, angular points using the tip of my scissors.  Looks great to me!

~I pulled the ribbon through the hole in the top of the bell and trimmed the bottoms.  Pulling the ribbon through was the most challenging part of this craft.  It took a little patience!

~Don't skip the step of pinning the corsage to a piece of cardstock.  It makes for a beautiful presentation!

Happy crafting and happy giving!!

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