Friday, October 9, 2009

Fat Witch Bakery

Nothing says gift-love like food, especially chocolate food. YUM! Fat Witch Bakery has delicious brownies and the gift packaging is so cute. Great gift idea for just about any occasion.
I've sent yummy gifts from Fat Witch to everyone from my sister to the nurses at the local hospital. And every time the recipient has raved about the brownies. I even snuck a few while visiting my sister :) .

Visit the brownie goodness at here, Fat Witch Bakery! Don't forget to check out the Cauldron Specials.


Suzy said...

Hmmm, I may have to think of a reason to give myself a gift because these sound too good. Thanks for the link.

Hippy Goodwife said...

It's true. Fatwitch are the best!