Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Tree Leaves

Last week I was searching around Etsy and found these Thanksgiving Tree Leaves from Between Hitching Posts. Aren't they the best? Each leaf has a blessing to be thankful for on the back with burlap, and fall-ish cotton fabric on the front. A link to the directions for making the wooden tree can be found on Between Hitching Posts etsy page also.

You can purchase the leaves in bundles of five for $7.50 or all 25 blessing for just $30 (plus shipping) here.

This would be a wonderful gift for the hostess of your Thanksgiving dinner. Or that someone on your gift list that just *loves* Thanksgiving. It would also be a great family gift to yourself. These Thanksgiving Tree Leaves can be the start of a tradition of November gratitude and make lasting memories for a family.

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