Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pretty Pretty Princess

My daughters aren't into the Disney Princesses (although they know all of their names). I would say they aren't overly girly but they do *love* playing the Pretty Pretty Princess game. Could it be the fun earrings? Maybe the bracelets and necklaces? Or the crown?

As you travel around the game board you collect the jewels that match your color. If you collect all of your jewels and the crown you WIN. Really, collecting and wearing the jewels is just as much fun as actually winning!

There are a few different versions of Pretty Pretty Princess (we have the Cinderella). You can find the Sleeping Beauty one pictured above at Amazon for under $15.

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Pumpkin Petunia said...

Pretty Pretty Princess may very well be the best game ever imagined. My favorite is to see my 18 year old nephew playing it with his little cousins. LOVE when he wins the crown. The earrings are pretty fantastic too!