Friday, March 12, 2010

Crayola Create A Plate Kit

This week Penguin's Gift is featuring Easter ideas so I must include one crafty idea!

We have a decorated plate and bowl for each of my two daughters made by Make-A-Plate during a school fundraiser. Each girl uses her special plate for dinner, although sometimes dinner is served in their special bowl too. They love to see their names (and date) written on the plates.

Crayola has partnered with the plate making company and together they have a line of Create A kits (plate, snack set, tray, and plate group kit).

The plate kit include Crayola markers, five special paper templates, and one pre-paid certificate for processing artwork into one 10 inch melamine plate. One kit would be great for siblings as well, just pay the extra fee to have a second or third plate made.

The plate kit can be found here for $17.99 from Amazon. Also, check out the tray kit ($24.99) which would be a great idea for Mother's Day or a grandparent's birthday.


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