Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stephen Joseph Kids Wallets

About two months ago my older daughter asked for a chore chart. She said she wanted to help more around the house. The girl likes to be accountable, so documenting her efforts is the best way for her to check off the daily and weekly duties. My husband and I thought this would be a great time to introduce an allowance. She is at the stage where she asks for all kinds of things, from bubble gum to going to Disney for the day - thinking they are about the same cost.

The chore chart has been a great success. The only problem is where to keep the money she is earning. As of right now it is in a plastic snack bag in her room. Not the best way to kick off financial responsibility.

Thankfully, last week a friend shared a link to these Stephen Joseph Kids Wallets. I ordered two from The Crazy Dazy on a Friday and they arrived on Monday. The wallets are so cute in person! It has a single fold with a spot for paper money, a zippered section for change, and a mesh pocket for gift cards. And the wallets close with a nice Velcro closure.

I ordered from The Crazy Dazy and used a 10% discount code (shoppingmama). The wallets are $7.99 each and come in lots of different styles for boys and girls. A great idea for Easter baskets!

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