Thursday, March 11, 2010

eeBoo Classic Matching Game

Maybe I am young enough to have caught the tale end of the new trend to give 'gifts' inside Easter baskets. Or maybe my mom just caught on late! Either way, it was fun to get a little gift along with the chocolate bunny, jelly beans, and Cadbury Creme Eggs.

When I'm looking for an old picture I always seem to come across the one I took of my Easter goodies on a particular year. One of the items inside was a three pack of blank cassette tapes. How cool! I could tape songs from the radio, and of course miss the first few seconds of the song.

While thinking of the fun things for a child to receive in an Easter basket I came across the eeBoo Classic Matching Game on Amazon. First, I fell in love with the bright colors and classic images. I also like how this game has only 24 matches (my girls have a memory game that has something like 36 matches and it is way too many even for my almost 5yo). The background colors are slightly different which helps little ones visually distinguish between possible matches also.

Find this matching game for $13.95 on Amazon (qualifies for Super Savers Shipping).

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