Monday, March 1, 2010

Leather Credit Card Holder

In honor of MLB Spring Training and the games that begin this week I present to you the Lemon Ball's Legendary Brown Horween Chromexcel Leather Credit Card Holder. Find it here on etsy ($30 plus $5 shipping).

This credit card holder is designed for 5-7 cards and is the perfect match for a money clip. It has two finished edges that are hand stitched with a traditional baseball stitch. Then branded on the front with a very cool baseball image.

Great gift idea for the young guys as well as the old timers that dream of retiring in Florida or Arizona. Did you know my father played in the minor league for a short time? And you thought you knew everything about me ... :).

Find other great gift ideas at Lemon Ball's etsy shop, the LEATHER HEAD footballs are gorgeous!

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