Sunday, March 7, 2010

Easter Week!

I was beyond excited when we turned the calendar to March last week. Spring flowers and warmer weather are getting closer every day.

I knew April was the month we would celebrate the beautiful holiday of Easter. What I didn't realize is how close we are to Easter - April 4th! Just under a month to gather gift ideas for those special people in our lives.

Each day this week Penguin's Gift will focus on Easter gift ideas. Yay! I'm really excited about the great products I've found to share with you.

Dearest Readers, please share your favorite Easter memory?


Sara said...

I have many, many wonderful memories of Easter as a child...egg hunts, my mom dresing up as the Easter bunny, my grandma making me and my cousins matching Easter dresses...the list goes on.

But my funniest Easter memory was more recent. Our family is really competitive and when all of the kids were too old for Easter Egg hunts, we started doing scavenger hunts instead. Well, one year the scavenger hunt was all over our small town and let's just say that we were really enthusiastic and maybe driving a little too fast down the sleepy streets. Just as we were finishing our scavenger hunt, the COPS pulled up at my aunts house because they had complaints about us! Ha!!! They just gave us a warning, but I love the fact that the cops showed up at Easter. :)

Can't wait to see your Easter ideas!

Rachel said...

As a little girl, a friend told me that she had seen the Easter Bunny through her window during the night. After that, I was terrified of seeing a giant rabbit through my window, and imagined all kinds of frightening things when I saw shadows outside.

My mom always went all out to get a beautiful Easter outfit for me to wear to church. Even as a teenager and young adult, we would go shopping together to get new dresses. I still buy special dress clothes for my children, in coordinating colors since I have more than one.

I am so excited for your Easter ideas since the Easter Bunny has neglected to start his shopping at our house!