Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cloth Napkins

Last year a friend remodeled her kitchen. They gutted the entire room down to the studs, moved the pantry, relocated appliances and light fixtures. Not only was it a huge investment of money but also a sacrifice for her family during the remodel. To help her celebrate the completion of her beautiful new kitchen I gave her a lovely cookbook and a set of cloth napkins.

Gifts that mark a milestone in our lives are not limited to birthdays and anniversaries. Try to mark the other life events in some one's life with a little present. Or just a note. Sometimes its as simple as writing a few sentences in a card and dropping it into the big blue mailbox, you know the old fashion way!

The napkins I sent my friend were from Little Birds Boutique on etsy ($18 for a set of 4 - 15 inch square napkins). Stop by their shop and check out all of the beautiful items they have in addition to napkins ... little girl hair clips, keychain wristlets, and reusable fabric Happy Birthday banners.

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Sara said...

Oh, those are SO cute!! Great idea!